Fall-ing for Flannel

Now that fall is in full swing, it’s time to break out those furry vests, beanies, and combat boots and start rocking the latest fall trends.

This weeks outfit inspiration comes from one of my favorite fall picks, flannels. Not the kind of flannel you would see on a burly lumberjack, but the chic lumber-woman kind. Jokes aside, flannels aren’t just for hipsters.

FILWF Outfit 1

I’m in love with flannel this fall because it can be worn in a variety of ways: around the waist, as a scarf, as a pattern for skinny jeans, or just the old fashioned over the shoulder way (but hey, that’s boring right?).

Style Tip: Wrapping a flannel shirt around your waist is a creative way to add a cool rock-and-roll flare to your look. After all, who needs to stay warm in this October Cali weather anyway ; )

FILWF Outfit 3

I love mixing and matching jewelry, and yes, it’s OK to mix gold and silver, as long as it’s subtle. Here are some of my favorite accessories I used to complete this look.

FILWF Outfit Close-Up

Beanies aren’t just great head warmers, they can be a stylish way to add contrast to your outfit. Also, wearing a pop of dark berry lipstick is the perfect way to vamp up your makeup and bring drama to your look that is oh so trendy.

FILWF Beanie

Chain-linked rings are a fun way to add edge to your accessories and if your looking for a new nail color to try for fall, pick up one in forest green. The dark tone is subtle, but makes a statement.


Leather shorts are one of my favorite styles to wear this season and are a wardrobe must-have. Dress them up or dress them down, with heels or with boots, they are a great go-to piece and stay on trend all year long.

FILWF Rings Close-Up

FILWF Boots 1

These boots are made for…well you know, jumping in the leaves : )

FILWF Boots 2

Try out this look for your next fall adventure and you’re sure to be one fashionable femme fatale ❤

FILWF Outfit 2

Flannel / T-Shirt / Thumb Ring: Urban Outfitters

Leather Shorts: Forever 21

Beanie / Chain-Link Ring: H&M

Necklace / Bracelet: Francesca’s

Boots: Kathy Jean

Lipstick: Mac (Rebel)


For more fashion tips and trends, visit my fashion and photography categories.

FILWF Outfit Steps

Horray for fall!

XO Lauren


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