LA Pattern Play

This weeks outfit inspiration comes from a recent trend that I would normally shy away from, pattern mixing. After spending my daily routine searching through Pinterest and the latest magazines, I’ve noticed how much this trend has surfaced among fashion bloggers and celebrities. So I thought, why not try something new for a change? As it turns out, this look is easier to put together than you might think!

Style Tips: When mixing patterns together, I like to use one that is subtle with one that is more prominent, that way you don’t have two patterns that are too bold or too similar that might clash with each other. If you are unsure of what to work with starting out, the easiest way to create this look is to mix a black and white pattern with a colorful one because hey, black and white goes with just about anything!

LA Pattern Play Cityscape

LA Pattern Play Outfit 1

I am always adding pops of color to my looks even when they are already incorporated into my pieces. This turquoise skull ring I bought from Urban Outfitters complements the colors that are already there without necessarily being a part of the same color palette.

LA Pattern Play Mid

LA Pattern Play Close-Up

LA Pattern Play Bench

Chunky necklaces are one of my favorite ways to make my outfits look more sophisticated and are really great statement pieces. When I’m shopping for these types of necklaces, I look for ones that can be layered together and are around the same length as each other. I saw these two silver chain link necklaces at H&M that were sold separately and knew that they would go great together. You could also try mixing in some bright jewels with these types of pieces, but make sure that the metal is one consistent color.

LA Pattern Play Necklace

LA Pattern Play Back

LA Pattern Play Outfit 3

LA Pattern Play Leg Up

I am obsessed with these shoes I found at Express. The black and white geometric pattern mixed with a peep toe, zipper, and white snake skin detail make these unique and versatile heels that will no doubt turn heads.

Fun fact: When I found them in the store, they were the last pair on the rack and happened to be in my size! I think it was fate to have these beauties. ; )

LA Pattern Play Shoes

A huge thanks to one of my best friends Shannon Murphy for taking my outfit photos, you rock!

LA Pattern Play Side

Looking to snag one of these pieces or similar ones for yourself? Follow the links below!

Top: Nordstrom

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Express

Clutch: Nine West

Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Chain Necklaces: H&M

Skull Ring: Urban Outfitters


This past week I had the exciting opportunity to work at a fashion PR firm in Santa Monica for a couple of days and stayed in the heart of downtown LA. It was a great experience and I learned so much about the city and the PR world from a fashion perspective that I had never known before. Hopefully I will be making a more permanent stay there soon!

Below is the view from the rooftop where these photos were taken. There’s nothing like an urban landscape to serve as the perfect backdrop. Take me back!

LA Pattern Play Rooftop

With the 75 degree and sunny weather, I think these roses were tricked into thinking it was spring. ; )

LA Pattern Play Roses


For more style tips and fashion finds, visit my other posts in the fashion category.

Cheers to new trends!

XO Lauren

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